About the Company

The Original, Dave's Pressure Cleaning & Waterproofing Inc.
Professional Pressure Cleaning Services

We care about our customers.

 Since the very first day this company was founded in 2003. We made an executive decision to offer our clients a great service.

As home owners ourselves, we understood the essentials of hiring quality workers to maintain and care for our homes.  This was something that was fairly non-existent when we began and thus is why this company was formed.

Dave cares for his clients as he cares about the job he does and the reputation of his business. It is this commitment to caring that has afforded this company the ability to still exist after almost 18 years.



Drug & Alcohol Free

Our workers are drug and alcohol free. We do not want that around our family, and surely do not want that around yours. We like our workers focused and clear headed to ensure quality service.

Key to Success

The Key to our success is that we commit ourselves to the project and job at hand. We will not overbook our services, as that merely rushes our workers and distracts us from providing quality a service.

Pay for what you get

We provide a quality service, we do not short change our expenses or materials. We would prefer to do the job right the very first time, than have to be called back.

Word of mouth

Our reputation is built by word of mouth, by the quality of the work we do and by the services we provide. We have been in the business for almost 18 years by being honest, reputable and fair.


We offer commercial Coronavirus store front cleaning and sterilization !!!

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